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PRS McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow Limited 10 Top Black Gold Burst


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call (585) 586-4662 to order.

Here we have a beautiful McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow Limited Edition weighing in at 6 lb's 12 oz, this is the last one we'll see of this special limited run of guitars. Don't wait, PRS is not taking orders on this model anymore.

“Semi-Hollow guitars offer a beautiful resonance and depth, along with a classic aesthetic thanks to the single f-hole. There is also some weight-relief provided by the semi-hollow body if that is a concern for players,” said Judy Schaefer, PRS Guitars Director of Marketing. “In the end though, we decided to offer these guitars because they are just good, musical instruments with a lot of versatility.”

 The McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired instrument that provides both rich, authentic, vintage humbucking tones and nuanced, sweet singlecoil sounds. The addition of an f-hole and semi-hollow body on this limited edition adds welcome depth and beauty to the guitar. Offered as both double cutaway and single cutaway models, the McCarty 594 Semi-Hollow limited run models are sure to be a welcome edition to the 594 family. A PRS hard shell case is included.