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Here we have a 1981 Inventions DRV Overdrive in Excellent condition. From an online review:

DRV is an overdrive and distortion pedal, one with a look inspired by a certain time-traveling vehicle that needed to get back to 1985. Not only does it look sleek and futuristic, is sounds really, really good….the hype is real here, folks.

Designed as a collaboration and with engineering by Jon Ashley of the famed Bondi Effects, the DRV features uniqueness in both design and sound. The three controls present are DRV, CUT and VOL, with DRV adjusting the gain, CUT acting as a treble cut control and VOL setting the output level. The DRV and CUT knobs are intrinsically connected, very interactive and full of a multitude of settings and tones to explore. The CUT setting acts very differently depending on where the DRV is set, so constantly moving and tweaking these two parameters is key. As for the VOL, the DRV wants to be played LOUD, so feel free to let it rip, but know that it can also be mellowed out for in-home/bedroom use.

As for the sound/tone here, it’s kinda hard to pinpoint where it sounds the best, or with which settings. As everyone’s tastes, gear and setups are different, it will be solely up to us as individuals to determine how to use it to its maximum potential, but for only having three knobs, the sonic choices available are beyond count. With the DRV control down lower, the CUT works to even out the sound as you turn it up; conversely, as you crank the gain, the CUT will help with auditory balance as you back it off. With each small increment of adjustment for all three knobs resulting in differing results, you’ll never be bored figuring out how to utilize this pedal in your favor.

The DRV also features an internal charge pump, to double the voltage while using a regular 9VDC adapter, improving the quality of the sound and beefing up the drive at the same time.