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Neunaber Wet Reverb V5

From Natural to Atmospheric, it's Easy with the Wet Reverb

Dialing in a great tone shouldn't be a daunting task. Designed for compact flexibility, the Wet Reverb gives you the power to craft your reverb sound with three straightforward controls.

You want a reverb that can be huge and endless, warm and organic, or simply add a subtle sparkle. You set high standards for yourself and your tone, so add something special to your sound that doesn’t get in the way.

Introducing the Wet Reverb v5 — an update to the fan-favorite reverb pedal. The new Wet Reverb has everything you loved about its predecessor, plus a little more.

User Friendly

Whether you're a beginner looking for your first pedal or a seasoned pro looking to set it and forget it, this is a fantastic, easy-to-use reverb. Dial in a multitude of sounds with just 3 knobs.

Low Power Consumption

Use a standard 9 V or 12 V pedal power supply. Or, connect Wet v5 to a 100 mA output on a brick supply.

Buffered Bypass

It's great to have a buffer at the end of your signal chain.

Analog Dry Signal

Your dry signal remains analog for low noise and zero latency.