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Line 6 HX Effects


HX Effects was created for guitarists and bassists who want our flagship Helix® effects for traditional amp and pedalboard setups. Powered by the same audio engine as Helix processors, HX Effects includes the full array of Helix effects plus legacy effects from the M-Series and Stompbox Modeler pedals. All in a compact pedal that fits easily on your pedalboard

HX Effects gives you complete control when editing and crafting effects presets. Click one of the Effects Category icons below to hear examples of those effects types within both simple and complex signal chains.

Pedal/Ext Amp 1-2

Up to two optional expression pedals can be connected and assigned to adjust nearly any parameter or parameters. Connect a traditional amp using a TS or TRS (1=tip, 2=ring) cable to switch amp channels and/or engage the amp’s reverb, tremolo, or other onboard effect.