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Line 6 Catalyst CX60 V2

The Catalyst® CX family comprises three powerful dual-channel combo amplifiers that perform like traditional guitar amps, while providing the increased versatility of modern amps. They feature 12 Amp Voicings—ranging from pristine clean to modern high-gain—derived from the Helix® amp and effects processor. From the 200-watt Catalyst CX 200, capable of holding its own on nearly any stage, to the 60-watt Catalyst CX 60, which is perfect for practice, recording, and performing in small venues—there’s a Catalyst CX amp for every player.

  • 3 Dual-channel combos from 200 to 60 watts
  • 12 Amp Voicings derived from Helix processors
  • Dedicated Boost circuit with boost types optimized for each amp
  • 24 Effects derived from Helix processors
  • XLR line output for pro connection to P.A. or recording devices

    There are two channels that may be configured individually and their settings saved. Press the CH A or CH B button to select a channel. Press the Manual button to enter Manual mode, which is independent of the two channels, and use the controls as you would on a traditional amp.

    Catalyst CX 60 is a 60-watt dual-channel 1x12 combo amplifier featuring 12 Amp Voicings derived from Helix. It performs like a traditional guitar amp—while providing the increased versatility of a modern amp.