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Here we have a Crate 5112 VFX 50 watt all tube amplifier with digital effects. It's in perfect operating condition with a nice group of delays and reverbs along with modulation effects and going thru a British made Celestion V30 speaker. From a Guitar Player Magazine review:

Crate’s VFX 5112 is an ingenious combination of a gutsy-sounding, EL34-powered tube amp and a DSP processor with 15 factory preset effects. The control panel, located on the top of the amp, features a single input jack, Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls (for channel A); a Channel Select button; Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, and Level controls (for channel B); a DSP section with a 15-position rotary Mode switch (Vibrato, Chorus, Reverbs and Delays) and a Level knob (the only adjustable effects parameter); and a global Presence control. A standby switch makes life easier on the tubes during warm-up (and lets you keep ’em warm during breaks), and the amp is handily equipped with an extension-speaker jack and an impedance switch (8/16).