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Welcome to Northfield Music

We've been around longer than most of you have been alive. But it's OK, even though we are codgers, we never grew up either. We LOVE playing guitar and we LOVE all the crazy stuff you can do to your sound with pedals and amps these days. You know something else? We love deals as much as you. Sure, we need to eat, but just like way back when, we know that gear will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no gear... So go ahead. Buy stuff. Lots of stuff. We'll do right by you.

New Products

Sunset is really two customizable overdrive pedals, independently selectable and flexibly routable, designed and voiced for complementary tones when stacked. Six distinct circuits each feel and react differently in your hands, two at once, all in one convenient package. Push your amp any way you want, from transparent “more amp” to heavy saturated fuzz, and all the best places in between.
If you play electric guitar, chances are you’ve heard of John Petrucci and Dream Theater. You may even know of our 30-Year relationship building many of his favorite amplifiers – the very same amplifiers you might have chosen for your sound. This distinguished list includes the MARK IIC+™, Dual Rectifier®, TriAxis™, MARK IV™ and MARK V™ to name a few.
The PRS McCarty 594 is a vintage-inspired instrument that is at once incredibly familiar and effortlessly playable.
This amp was designed for the working musician that wants to play multiple styles with minimal setup time.  It is a true 50 watts (2 6L6) with amazing headroom, stackable overdrive and a musical and luscious tube-driven reverb.  Like all RedPlate amps the BlackVerb is handbuilt, point to point (eyelet board) construction.  Reliable, quiet and ready to rock.  
This is where we live. LOTS of great guitars and amps here just dying to be played. Come on in. Set a spell. Leave your shoes on. Pick awhile. Sure, that's it...
The Bassliner modular speaker system is the ultimate lightweight solution for the modern bass player. Featuring ultra-light plywood construction, a docking bay to neatly accept your Quilter Bass Block 800 amplifier, and available in 4 modular configurations to build your ultimate system. With the Bassliner, you have more than an amplifier.