TC Hall of Fame Reverb


TC Hall of Fame Reverb


You’ve had a love hate relationship with the reverb on your amp forever. It’s ok, sure, but you know you want just a little bit more out of the relationship. It’s just a box with springs, so don’t worry about hurting feelings. Instead, plug into the Hall of Fame Reverb, and feel the weights lift from your shoulders. 11 types are offered, Room, Hall, Spring, Plate, Church, Modulated, Lo-Fi, Tile, Ambient, Gate, and a TonePrint option. And a Pre-Delay Switch gives you control over when the Reverb kicks in. If your reverb tank did have feelings, you can see how they’d feel hurt. But it doesn’t, so get it out of your head, surf’s up, time to play.


  • 2.8 x 4.8 x 2.0
  • Current draw – 100mA


  • Decay
  • Tone
  • FX Level
  • Delay Type – 11 to choose from
  • Pre-delay Switch
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