Mooer Skyverb


Mooer Skyverb

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Maybe you’re looking for a little bit of variety in the reverb department, something the tank in the back of your amp just can’t or won’t do. Maybe you want some digital processing unit, say, something with a 32 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip under the hood. Maybe, you want something that won’t take up a lot of space on your pedal board. Well you’ll stop with the maybes and make up your mind once you feast your eyes on the Skyverb (sounds like a superhero, don’t it?) from Mooer. Choose from 3 different types of reverb, the warm nature of the Studio, the relaxed room of a Church, or the iconic sound of the Plate. Fiddle with the Mix, Tone, and Decay knobs to achieve that reverb sound you need. And no more maybes. 

  • Size - 1.8 x 4.2 x 2.2" 
  • current draw –  128mA


  • Mix
  • Tone 
  • Decay
  • Studio/Church/Plate Switch


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