TWA Flyboy FB-05 Metal


TWA Flyboy FB-05 Metal

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Some things are tough to describe simply, say, what a flanger sounds like, or why a melodic minor is different going up than down. But if you say “Metal,” that’s pretty much a done deal, you know the neighborhood. So here’s a pedal from TWA, and it’s called “Metal.” Heavy distortion, high gain, you know what it sounds like without hearing it, right? Ok, so toss in a 3-way Boost switch, and choose between a Low Boost (clear out those mids), Boost Off (for that flat eq), and High Boost (uh, hello, boost the highs). Now you got the sound covered, you can spend time on practicing your head banging. 

  • Size – 3.75” x 1.77  x  1.89”
  • current draw – 25mA


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Distortion
  • Boost Switch


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