TWA Flyboy FB-02 Overdrive


TWA Flyboy FB-02 Overdrive

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You want an overdrive pedal, and you’ve been looking for a while, because, let’s face it; there are a lot of overdrive pedals out there. And here’s another one for your consideration with a few advantages up front, namely, small size, small price. But don’t let the lack of girth or price tag throw you. You’ll get a Mode Switch to select between Warm, the classic 808 sound (think Tubescreamer) and Hot, like a driven Fender-style amp crunch. You want more gain? Well there’s a knob to adjust it, as well as one for Tone and Level. Nothing fancy here, just get the job done. 


  • Size – 3.75” x 1.77  x  1.89”
  • current draw – 8 mA


  • Tone
  • Level
  • Gain
  • Mode Switch
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