TWA Flyboy FB-01 Distortion


TWA Flyboy FB-01 Distortion

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Do pedals need to be big and expensive to get a killer sound? The folks over at TWA don’t think so, and they prove it here with their Flyboy Distortion pedal. It’s small, which is good news if you’re running out of real estate on your pedal board. And if you haven’t yet found a stompbox to give you the dirt you want, oh, say, something that sounds like one of those Marshall JCM 800’s (yeah, that amp), well then look no further. You want that tight sound without the mud, dial it in. As a bonus, rolling off the volume on your guitar will clean up the sound, so what’s not to love? A small footprint at a small price. 

  • Size – 3.75” x 1.77  x  1.89”
  • current draw – 9 mA


  • Tone
  • Level
  • Gain


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