J. Rockett Flex Drive Overdrive NOS


J. Rockett Flex Drive Overdrive NOS

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This is new, old stock and has been discontinued by J Rockett so there is no manufacturers warranty. But this is a great deal on a built-like-a-tank pedal. Here's our take on this bad boy.

You want an overdrive pedal, but you want a lot of flexibility. You want, no, you need switches and knobs, because you’re a purist, or control freak, and you need to dial in that sound before you can be happy. Or maybe you just like variety. Whatever. In any event, take a look right here at the Flex Drive, and it might just be your ticket to stardom. Got your standard Volume, Gain, and Tone knobs like all the rest, and then it gets interesting. The Fat Switch will boost your lows if you like it, the Treble Switch gives you a choice of two treble cut voicings along with a middle off setting, and the Clip Switch gives you different diode options, with the center bypass. In short, a boatload of tonal flexibility. Need we say more? 


  • Size – 5.5” x 3.25” x 3.25”


  • Volume 
  • Gain
  • Tone
  • Treble Switch
  • Fat Switch
  • Clip Switch
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