Rockbox Baby Blues Distortion/Boost


Rockbox Baby Blues Distortion/Boost


What you’re looking at here is not your standard Distortion/Boost pedal. How do we know? Well, there’s a line in the owner’s manual that reads: “This pedal is capable of producing a lot of gain! It is possible to send your amp into oscillation, blow speakers, etc. with some settings.” And that’s from the guys that make it. Level controls the volume, Drive the amount of dirt for starters, but there’s a wide range of sounds you can get with the switches. A simple Boost, a Treble Boost, and 2 different Drive types that can be operated independently or together. For even more customization, you can adjust the Treble Boost with an internal variable resistor. If you’re looking for vintage tones and flexibility, look no further. 


  • Size – 2.6” (w) x 4.8” (l)


  • Level
  • Tone
  • Drive
  • Boost Switch
  • Bite Switch
  • Drive 1/2 Switch
  • Internal Treble Boost Adjust
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