TC Electonics MojoMojo Overdrive


TC Electonics MojoMojo Overdrive

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Looking for an overdrive pedal that gives you an uncompressed sound, one that is sensitive to pick attack, and doesn’t sound like a 4-wheeler blowing through a mud pit? TC aimed this at a certain 100 watt amp from across the pond, and chances are you’re familiar with that breakup sound that amp produces. You’ll start out with a neutral sound, and TC has even upped the voltage on the board for more headroom. The result is an overdrive that maintains clarity and touch sensitivity. Now, if you want to dirty things up, by all means go ahead, use the Bass and Treble to zero in your tone, dial up the Drive, and off you go. An added voice Switch gives you a choice between a neutral setting and a bass boost. 


  • 2.8” x 4.8” x 2.0”
  • Current draw – 16mA 


  • Drive
  • Level
  • Bass 
  • Treble
  • Voice Toggle Switch
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