Guyatone OD-2+ Overdrive+


Guyatone OD-2+ Overdrive+


These small pedals from Guyatone are great space savers, easy on the wallet, and no slouches when it comes to sounds. The Overdrive here is a good example. Not the pedal for you if you are looking for crazy distortion, but if your goal is mild to strong tube saturated drive, then it’s got you covered. While the Gain adjusts the amount of dirt, Tone acts as a hi boost or cut depending on which way you spin it. The real gem here is the 3 way Mode Switch, coloring your world with Shallow, a clean to crunch sound, Middle, more of a vintage drive, and Deep, for that driven tube sound from yesteryear. 

  1. Size – 2.75" x 3.9" x 2.09”
  2. current draw – 10 mA


  • Level 
  • Tone
  • Gain
  • Mode Switch –Shallow, Middle, Deep


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