Electro Harmonix Lumberjack Overdrive


Electro Harmonix Lumberjack Overdrive


Lumberjack? You think paper towels maybe, or some reality TV show, right? But like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, the name comes from a logarithmic overdrive formula used to create the sound, so you go logarithmic, log, lumberjack, right? Naming convention aside, it is that formula that makes for an interesting pedal. Sure, there are other overdrives that just ramp sounds up to 11, but think of this pedal as that math whiz in high school. We could show you graphs and charts and stuff, but instead, just know that the more you dial up the Log Factor knob, the distortion goes up. Don’t need a lot of dirt? Dial up the Boost to increase your clean signal. Plug in your axe to the lumberjack, and start clear cutting today. 


  • Size – 2.75” x 4.5  x  2.1”
  • current draw – 100mA 


  • Volume
  • Boost
  • Log Factor
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