DigiTech Hot Head (not eligible for free shipping)


DigiTech Hot Head (not eligible for free shipping)

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You’re under the wire, you’ve got a gig, you need a distortion pedal, but can’t lay out the cash for one of those boutique pedals that you really have your eye on. Relax, just grab a Hot Head and you’ll be fine. When you think of the term ‘hothead,’ you probably picture some crazed, road ragin’ fool screaming at somebody for getting cutoff. So yeah, imagine that in a stompbox, well, without the road and all. The beauty here is that you dial in the Hot Head to get the amount of dirt you want. Just a little? Dial back on the Gain. Full bore crazy? All the way to the right. Get the dirt you want without breaking your wallet. 


  • Size –4 15/16” x 3 1/8” x 2 1/8”
  • current draw –  17 mA


  • Level
  • Low 
  • High
  • Gain
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