DigiTech Grunge (not eligible for free shipping)


DigiTech Grunge (not eligible for free shipping)

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Just by the pedal name, you probably have an idea of what it’s going to sound like. One thing we can tell you -  it doesn’t smell like teen spirit. But stepping on the footswitch does get you that Seattle dirt, and then perhaps a bit more. You’d think this might be a tamer sounding pedal, given its moniker, but it’s a bit beefier and heavier than you might expect. It’ll give you a growl when needed, but veers a bit toward the land of the metal heads once you start dialing to the right. What does that mean? Well, a pretty versatile pedal, a good bang for the buck, just don’t let the name fool you. 


  • Size – 4 15/16” x 3 1/8” x 2 1/8”
  • current draw – 21 mA


  • Loud
  • Low 
  • High
  • Grunge
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