DigiTech JamMan Stereo


DigiTech JamMan Stereo


When you think loopers, how can you not think of the JamMan? For decades DigiTech has been building and improving on the design, and here you get well, the top dog of loopers. And when you look at the pedal, two words spring to mind – “learning curve.” Maybe you were thinking “nice color,” but we say this because this is a pedal whose depth and design goes way deep. How deep? The manual is like a novella, but don’t let that deter you, because if you’re looking for a looper that will loop and then some, this is your baby here. How about 35 minutes of storage in 99 locations? Not enough? Toss in an SD card, and get up to 16 hours. Now that’s a set we’d like to see. Oh, and don’t forget the USB connection, because now you can transfer loops to your PC and back. Was that sound your head exploding? More features than a multiplex cinema, the JamMan can take you places you never knew existed. 


  • Size – 4 15/16” x 3 1/8” x 2 1/8”
  • current draw – <1A


  • Loop Level
  • Rhythm Level
  • Mic Level
  • Instrument Level
  • XLR Input
  • Mono/Stereo Inputs and Outputs
  • Headphone Output
  • Aux Input
  • Footswitch Jack
  • SD/SDHC Card Slot
  • USB Jack
  • Power Jack
  • Loop Down Footswitch
  • Loop Up Footswitch
  • Rec/Play/Overdub/ (Hold)Undo Footswitch
  • Tempo/Stop (Hold) Clear Footswitch
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