MXR M237 DC Brick Power Supply

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MXR M237 DC Brick Power Supply


Ok, you’ve got all your pedals on your board, and you realize you need a better way to power them than going through boatloads of batteries, or some cheap power supply. Enter the MXR Brick. Eight, count ‘em, eight 9 volt outputs, and two 18 volt outputs. If that’s not enough power for you, your GAS might be out of control. For most folk though, that’ll do. The 9v outputs handle about 150mA each, the 18 volt 400mA, providing 1200mA and 800mA respectively. Nothing glamorous here, no bells and whistles, just an honest Brick getting the job done. 

Power Requirement

  • current draw – 18 v power supply rated at 2000mA.  


  • 8-9v Outputs
  • 2-18v Outputs
  • Red LED’s indicate shorted pedals
  • Blue LED indicate power
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