Electro Harmonix Nano Pog


Electro Harmonix Nano Pog


Sure, Nano Pog sounds like some wacky sci-fi character, or a cartoon character, but Pog stands for ‘Polyphonic Octave Generator,’ and yeah, you knew that, you were just playing along right? But you get a boatload of sounds out of this little guy, so don’t let the size fool you. You get individual knobs for the Sub Octave (that’s below, you knew that), and the Octave Up (that’s above) that track to the notes you’re playing. You get a Dry knob too, to mix in how much or how little of your signal goes through. Imagine getting 12 string sounds, organ sounds, and more, just by spinning a few dials. And don’t worry about tracking, because the Nano Pog is right there with you the whole time. 


  • Size – 2.75” x 4.5  x  2.1”
  • current draw – 25 mA 


  • Sub Octave
  • Octave Up
  • Dry
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