Way Huge Aqua-Puss


Way Huge Aqua-Puss


Sometimes it’s easy to tell what a pedal does by its name; in this case though, no dice. We’ll spare you the trouble and tell you straight out it’s an analog delay with a warm sound. Take your pick from 20 to 300 ms of delay, dial in the balance of dry to wet sound with the Blend knob, and use the Feedback control for the amount of repeats you want. Like a lot of pedals, you can get some extreme and crazy sounds by cranking up knobs, in this case, a wild self-oscillating madness when pressed too far. And while the Aqua-Puss may not delay as far as some, for useable delay sounds, you can’t beat it. 


  • Size – 4 25/32” x 3 3/4  x  1 3/4”
  • current draw – 16 mA 


  • Delay
  • Feedback
  • Blend
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