TWA Flyboy FB-03 Echo (Clearance - no free shipping)


TWA Flyboy FB-03 Echo (Clearance - no free shipping)

59.00 79.00

Here’s another nifty offering from the good folks over at TWA, and here we have their echo pedal. They say echo, we say delay, and we could go on for a bit, just like the pedal, which will give you from 20-620 ms of delay, and that’s more than enough, unless you’re doing some crazy stuff, but we’ll assume you’re not. You can adjust the delay time with the Rate knob, while the Echo knob serves as a blend between dry and effect, and the Intense know will give you repeats from 1 to infinity. All at a price that won’t break your wallet. 


  • Size – 3.75” x 1.77  x  1.89”
  • current draw – 42 mA


  • Echo
  • Intense
  • Rate
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