TC Flashback Delay Mini


TC Flashback Delay Mini


Ok, so you’re not a control freak, and you don’t need your delay pedal to have the flexibility of a yoga teacher, you just want delay, dangit, and you want it now. Calm down there, and look at this gem. The Flashback Delay Mini has the same sweet delay you’re used to from TC, it’s just a bit more streamlined. All of the types of delay you’ll find in the regular Flashback are yours for installing, simply use the TonePrint software and download it, it’s that simple. The downside is you only get one type. The upside is you’re a confident individual who knows what he wants. And we know you want this.


  • 1.9 x 1.9 x 3.7
  • Current draw – 100mA


  • Delay
  • Feedback
  • FX Level

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