TC Flashback Delay


TC Flashback Delay


Oh lordy, if you like options on your delay pedal, this one is for you. 11 types of delay, so brace yourself; the iconic TC 2290, Analog, Tape, Lo-Fi, Dynamic, Modified 2290 with Modulation, Ping Pong, Slap, Reverse. What, you say, that’s only 9? Well toss in a Looper and a Tone Print variable, and guess what? This delay goes to 11. There’s also a switch to subdivide the delay, from quarter notes to dotted eighths, to quarter plus dotted eighths. And if you never seem to dial in the correct temp with you current setup, the Flashback can also set the tempo with the footswitch and you strumming. From 20 ms to 7000 ms – that’s a full 7 seconds. Don’t delay getting this delay.


  • 2.8 x 4.8 x 2.0
  • Current draw – 100mA


  • Delay
  • Feedback
  • FX Level
  • 11 Delay Types
  • Subdivision selector switch
  • Tempo Setting Footswitch

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