Mooer Reecho Pro


Mooer Reecho Pro


Steroids? PEDS? What in the Wide World of Sports is going on here? For starters, it’s the size, which, well, for Mooer, is huge compared to the bulk of their line. Compared to other makers though, it’s not huge at all. As for the guts, you’ll get 6 types of delay – Digital, Analog, Real Echo, Tape Echo, Tube Echo, and Galaxy (for those outer space sounds). The Effect type has four settings, Normal (doesn’t affect the delay), Mod (adds chorus), Dynamic (sound rises as it decays), and Reverse (uh, obivous). There is also a Looper setting which will give you up to 20 seconds of recording time. It’s pretty clear this pedal does a whole lot, and you might have to read the manual to help you figure it out, but if you’re looking for that one do-all delay pedal, we think you might have just found it. 


  • Size - 4.2 x 3.8 x 2.2" 
  • current draw –  210mA


  • Dry
  • Low Cut
  • Hi Cut
  • Time
  • Feedback
  • Wet
  • Delay Type
  • Effect Type
  • Ping Pong Switch
  • Trail On/Off Switch
  • Delay Footswitch
  • Tap Tempo Footswitch
  • Store Preset Switch
  • Stereo Inputs/Outputs
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