MXR CSP210 Sub Machine

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MXR CSP210 Sub Machine


Well, those good folks at the Custom Shop have created a monster. They’ve basically take their Il Machine stompbox and force fed it steroids. On top of the fuzz and octave above, you’ll find a Sub knob that adds a sub-octave to the signal. Dial that in, click the Octave footswitch to give that octave above, spin the fuzz knob up, and you have the Terminator of pedals. But really get pumped up by clicking the Series switch, which runs the fuzz and octave in parallel, or in series (you know you want series), which takes the sub-octave signal and stuffs it into the fuzz. Nothing will stop you now. 


  • Size - 6 x 5 x 3"
  • current draw – 7mA


  • Volume
  • Tone
  • Sub
  • Fuzz
  • Series Switch
  • Octave Footswitch
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