MXR CSP204 Custom Comp Deluxe


MXR CSP204 Custom Comp Deluxe


The grayer set out there will recall with fondness the MXR Dynacomp, the little red box that could, and did, introduce so many to the wonderful world of compression. Now, MXR passes the baton to the Custom Shop Comp Deluxe, a blend of old and new, a compressor for the 21st century. Their press will mention the “CA3080 “metal can” IC,” but all you really need to know is this is a professional box, with the guts to suppress RF noise, a Low cut knob to flatten bass, Sensitivity and Attack controls to adjust to your playing style and tonal needs. In the studio or on the road, this pedal gets the job done. 


  • current draw – 2.8mA


  • Sensitivity
  • Attack
  • Output
  • Low
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