Guyatone BL-2 Bottom Limiter


Guyatone BL-2 Bottom Limiter


Guyatone hasn’t forgotten about bass players, and here’s an interesting little guy that’s worth taking a look at. You can use the pedal as a compressor to even out that sound and take some of the sting out of all that low end popping you do, and you can get up to 100:1 compression. Crazy, right? But if you’re feeling funky, feel free to dial back the Threshold and dial up the Level, and voila, as the French say, you’ve got a boost pedal. You’ll also find a switch to vary the attack between Slow and Fast, providing you with even more options as you seek that holy grail of sound. 


  • Size – 2.75" x 3.875" x 1.5”
  • current draw – 10 mA


  • Level 
  • Threshold
  • Attack S/F Switch
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