Dr J. Aerolite Compressor


Dr J. Aerolite Compressor

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Back in the day, when compressor pedals first came out, they were pretty simple, had 2 knobs if you were lucky, and didn’t garner a boatload of attention. Fast forward to now, and hoo boy, what a difference. And that’s particularly apparent in the Dr. J Aerolite Compressor, which has the standard knobs like Compressor and Attack and Output level. But it’s also got a Mix knob that blends the dry and effect signal for a smoother sound. Apparently the doctor saw fit for more customization, and so you see a 3 way input switch for Hi, Low, and Mid, and that’s designed to allow for different input signals from different pickups. 

  • Size – 1.5” x 3.78  x  3.46”


  • Mix 
  • Attack
  • Comp
  • Output
  • 3 Way Input Switch – Hi/Low/Mid


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