Barber Tone Press

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Barber Tone Press


For players who want more control over their pedal compression, the Barber Tone Press is the way to go. Unlike ye olde days of stompboxes, where you basically had two knobs and had to find the sweet spot, the Tone Press has a unique Blend control, allowing a mix of the dry signal with the compressed. Barber calls this “parallel compression,” but call it what you want, it’s a sweet sound to the ears. On top of this, there are two toggles switches, one called Speed, which improves attack, and a Brilliance control, and no, it doesn’t make you smarter, it just smooths out the high ends.


  • Width - 2.34"
  • Current draw - 10mA


  • Volume
  • Blend
  • Sustain
  • Speed toggle switch
  • Brilliance toggle switch
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