Rocktron Tsunami Chorus


Rocktron Tsunami Chorus


OK, we have one of these here, and it’s a bit of a strange bird. You get two separate effects, an analog chorus and what Rocktron calls ‘Ambience,’ which sounds like a slight delay or slapback. The drawback here is that you can’t run both effects at once. The upside is the chorus side of the pedal sounds pretty sweet, and you get stereo outputs to send the signal to both your amps. And while you might be scratching your head at the Ambience side of the pedal, it does kind of make sense in a weird way, beefing up your sound the way a delay pedal would when set just right. 


  • current draw –  30mA


  • Rate
  • Width
  • Chorus Delay
  • Ambience Delay
  • Stereo Outputs
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