MXR CSP099 Phase 99


MXR CSP099 Phase 99


If one of something is good, then two must be better, right? We’re thinking that’s what the folks over at MXR’s Custom Shop felt, because they’ve gone and stuffed 2 Phase 90 circuits in one pedal. Twins, or schizophrenic? While that verdict may be out, what we do know is this pedal sounds great. Independent speed controls for each circuit, with a switch to control series or parallel signal. A Vintage switch gives you that classic sound, while a Sync Switch keeps both circuits in line. Two internal dipswitches give you even more control, but don’t worry, the manual will guide you effortlessly while you create the sounds of tomorrow. 


  • Size - 5.5 x 2.5 x 4.5"
  • current draw – 24mA


  • Speed 1
  • Speed 2
  • Sync Switch
  • Parallel/Series Switch
  • Vintage Switch
  • Stereo Outputs
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