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Mooer Mod Factory


Usually you say, Mooer pedals are pretty straightforward and simple. Well, looks like they let the engineers loose on this one, because there’s a lot of sounds stuffed into this little guy. You get 11 different modulation effects – Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Envelope Phaser, Tremolo, Stutter, Vibrato, Univibe, Auto Wah, Touch Wah, and Envelope Ringer. Adjust with the two Control knobs – number 1 changes the speed of sensitivity, and number 2 the level or tone. Inside, a 32bit chip controls the DSP (Digital Signal Processing), so there’s no slouching on the audio spectrum. Sure, they got lazy naming the knobs Control 1 & 2, but given how much you get under the hood in this pedal, we’ll overlook that, and just get to playing. 


  • Size - 1.8 x 4.2 x 2.2" 
  • current draw –  128mA


  • Level
  • Control 1
  • Control 2
  • Depth
  • Mode
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