Mooer E-Lady (not eligible for free shipping)


Mooer E-Lady (not eligible for free shipping)

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Electric lady, hmmm, what might that be a reference to? The bar that Jimi Hendrix bought and turned into a studio? His song about the same? Naming conventions aside, let’s just say this is a dandy little flanger. Built to evoke the classic analog sound, with a few neat touches thrown in. While the Color, Range, and Rate knobs seem self-explanatory, they actually work double duty depending on the Filter/Normal switch setting. For example, the Range adjusts the sweep with the switch set to normal; with the switch at Filter, it adjusts the matrix. Did you just picture Neo and say “whoa” like Keanu Reeves? Crank the Color all the way for a wild oscillating effect. Do let its small size fool you, let it be the One. 


  • Size - 1.8 x 4.2 x 2.2" 
  • current draw –  10mA


  • Color
  • Range 
  • Rate
  • Filter/Normal Switch
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