Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork

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Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork

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This pedal has so much flexibility it should be a gymnast. Shift up or down 3 octaves. A switch that gives you the option of shifting Up, Down, or a Dual Mode with some interesting harmony settings. With the Shift selector knob, pick your interval, minor, major, or perfect, or heck, detune your axe why don’t you? There’s a Latch switch that determines how the footswitch operates, either momentary, so you can punch in when needed, or as a regular on/bypass switch. Oh, and feel free to hook up an expression pedal for more fun. And with that pedal hooked up, you can even change the glissando rate. Feel like a little devil with this pitch fork. 


  • Size – 2.75” x 4.5  x  2.1”
  • current draw – 30 mA 


  • Blend
  • Shift
  • Pitch Shift Toggle Switch
  • Latch Button
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