DOD FX22 VibroThang USA Made


DOD FX22 VibroThang USA Made


Ok, let’s get this out of the way, it’s not vibrato, it’s tremolo, but if you’re confused, don’t worry, because people will be mistaking the two forever. We’ll stick with vibrato here, so as not to confuse too many people. Anyhoo, Speed controls the rate of the effect, while Depth controls how deep and intense it is. Doppler doesn’t give you a weather radar image, rather, it controls how much of a phasing effect is introduced. Finally, Image controls how much of the phasing effect is regenerated, like a feedback effect. Despite the terminology issues, this is a funky and unusual pedal, to be sure, one that can provide you with a wealth of sounds. This is an original USA made New Old Stock pedal.


  • Size – 4.68” x 2.63”x 2.25”


  • Speed 
  • Depth 
  • Doppler
  • Image
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