PRS Archon 25

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PRS Archon 25


The Archon 25 brings the ‘king’ of PRS high-gain amplification to the world of small, low wattage tube amps. The Archon’s lush distortion and singing clean channel tones are all here in a 25 watt package (switchable to 13 watts via the back panel). The Archon 25’s wattage makes the amp easier to push to optimum performance – tube amps sound best when pushed a little – and it gets there at a lower volume, which is a huge benefit not only at home, but also in the studio and on the stage. Recording with an amp at lower volumes will give you a cleaner signal and a truer tone, and on the stage, the soundman will thank you for not blowing out the other members of the band.

The Archon 25 features Volume, Treble, Middle, and Bass controls for each channel. There is also a Master Volume control for each channel and global Depth and Presence for added control. The Archon’s 6L6/EL34 tube option is replaced here with 5881’s, which offer extended high end while maintaining the Archon’s signature crunch.

Bottom line, the Archon 25 keeps all the tone and flexibility of the Archon family intact, is a little more forgiving than its 100 and 50 watt big brothers, and won’t break your back every time you load in for a gig.


  • Watts    25W/13W (Half Power Switch)
  • Channels    Lead/Clean
  • Power Tubes    5881
  • Preamp Tubes    (6) JJ12AX7
  • Output Jack Configuration    4/8/16 Ohm Selectable w/2 Output Jacks
  • Fixed/Adjustable or Cathode Bias    Fixed Bias (Adjustable)
  • Head Dimensions    21.5”L x 10.5”W x 17” D (nominal)
  • Head Weight    33.5 lbs (nominal)
  • Combo Dimensions    21.5”L x 10.5”W x 17.75” D (nominal)
  • Combo Weight    34 lbs (nominal)
  • Speaker (Combo Only)    Celestion G12-75T



Front Panel Controls

  • Volume/Treble/Middle/Bass/Master for each channel
  • Bright Switch for each channel
  • Global Presence & Depth

Rear Panel Controls

  • Half Power Switch, Impedance Selector

Bias Jack Terminals

  • Accessible from Back Panel


  • Channel and Loop Bypass Switches (Two button, LED)
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