The Xotic Wah is the only serious wah out there. We've got 'em, ready to go! Hendrix WOULD be using this pedal today if, you know, he hadn't died 50 years ago...

The Quilter MicroPro 200 8" combo. We could write love songs about this. Instead, we write love songs and then play them through this. So light. So loud.

The PRS Vela tosses together one single coil foil pickup with a traditional humbucker to make a flexible guitar that sounds any way you want it to.

They don't call this the Loudbox for nothing. Just listen... hear it? No, really - listen. Hear that? It's really, really LOUD.  Is that you yelling "turn it down??"

Everybody wants to be somebody else - some great guitar player like Arthur Godfrey. Well, with this Breedlove guitar, you'll find your own sound. Then people will want to be you for a change!

The J Rockett Archer was the first pedal to sound exactly like a Klon Centaur. Now this one sounds more like a Klon Centaur. How is that even possible? You be the judge...



We've been around longer than most of you have been alive. But it's OK, even though we are codgers, we never grew up either. We LOVE playing guitar and we LOVE all the crazy stuff you can do to your sound with pedals and amps these days. You know something else? We love deals as much as you. Sure, we need to eat, but just like way back when, we know that gear will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no gear... So go ahead. Buy stuff. Lots of stuff. We'll do right by you.